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Message of condolence
We have a very sad message to past and present members of SCCJ.


Ms. Taiko Nakazato passed away suddenly on May 31 in Tokyo.

Taiko-san was General Manager of SCCJ from the late 1990s and ran the secretariat for well over a decade. 

She has contributed a lot to the success of SCCJ through the years and later spent four years active in Japan Sweden Society, continuing her important contributions to the business and social relations between Sweden and Japan.

We remember the great energy she had to make so many of our events successful, making sure our members felt at home and well taken care of. She did this with a smile and supporting several of our Chairmen in a great way.


She was a driving force behind many of our large Scandinavian Christmas Events. We will forever be thankful for all her years working with and supporting the important relations between Sweden and Japan.


Taiko-san, we all miss you a lot and we can only hope you will finally rest with peace in mind.

/ Current & Former Chairs, Vice-Chairs, Board Members and Friends of SCCJ


SCCJの元専務理事、中里 泰子氏が5月31日に逝去されました。