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About the SCCJ

An image of The King & Queen of Sweden together with Members of SCCJ. 

About the SCCJ

Mission Statement

The SCCJ promotes Sweden-related business in Japan by supporting the Swedish business community and by creating a more favorable market environment for its Swedish, Japanese, and other member companies.

Our Motto:

By the Members, for the Members

The SCCJ is an independent, interest-based organization where activities are defined by the needs and expectations of the members.

While the chamber has a secretariat running the daily operations, much of our activities are planned and carried out in groups and committees run by the members.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (SCCJ) was established in 1992 to promote Sweden-related business in Japan. We actively support the Swedish business community by helping them build long-lasting business relationships in Japan and by advocating Swedish industry, technology and management culture. Through participation in the European Business Council in Japan and other channels, we also strive to improve the business environment for our member companies from Sweden, Japan and other countries by supporting deregulation and harmonization in the Japanese market.

A Dynamic Network

Business Networking – the Heart of Our Activities

Working closely with the Swedish Embassy, Invest Sweden and other Sweden-related organizations, we provide a forum where our member companies can extend their professional networks, discover new commercial opportunities and share information and key insights on all matters related to Sweden-Japan business. For individual members, the SCCJ is a valuable channel for networking and potential career opportunities.


To this end, we organize a variety of events throughout the year in which participants can both have fun and learn at the same time. For more information on our events, please click here.

For all companies

Interested in the Sweden-Japan business scene, the SCCJ offers extensive opportunities for interaction with a business community that includes some of the world’s leading brands. Meet the key people, gain new insights and see new opportunities! And why not bring a customer along as well?

For Swedish companies,

Long-time players and newcomers alike, we offer excellent opportunities to deepen your knowledge of the Japanese market. Especially for newcomers, the SCCJ is a unique knowledge resource where you can learn the finer points of succeeding in Japan directly from the executives of established companies.

For Japanese companies

Looking to develop business with Swedish companies or even in Sweden, interacting directly with Swedish business people will enhance your understanding of Swedish business culture and the Swedish way of thinking – knowledge that can be decisive in business negotiations or marketing.Click here to learn more about our membership packages and their benefits. You can also join one of our events as a non-member. In either case, we promise you a good time and lots of valuable connections.

Board of Directors

Stefan Woxström, Chairman
AstraZeneca K.K

Adriana Garrido, Vice Chairman
Ericsson Japan

Martin Persson
Volvo Car Japan

Keiko Asano
Munters K.K

Ayako Hori
String Furniture

Ken Hachisu
Tobii Technology

Johan Ledel

Jakob Edberg
GR Japan

Carsten Grönblad
Trade Commissioner, Business Sweden


Honorary Board Member

HE Ambassador Pereric Högberg
Embassy of Sweden