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Past event

Nordic Craft Beer Evening 2022

  • 02 June 2022 19:00 - 21:00

  • CRAFTROCK Brewpub & Live


In collaboration with the Nordic Chambers FCCJ, ISCCJ, NCCJ & SCCJ, we are delighted to invite you to a fun gathering with Nordic craft beer on Thursday, June 2 19:00-21:00.
We are reviving the successful Nordic Craft Beer Evening event from 2019, this time at CRAFTROCK Brewpub & Live in Nihonbashi.

Join us for a networking evening with the Nordic business community as members of the DCCJFCCJISCCJNCCJand SCCJ come together to celebrate the best of Nordic craft beer.

The event will include 5 tickets which can be used for light finger foods or delicious beers from Brewski (SE), Friends & Company (SE), Mikkeller (DK)and Nøgne Ø (NO).

We look forward to the opportunity to meet new and old faces, make new connections and have a great time.


Sweden 3 taps

Brewski - Raspberry Liquorice Vanilla Sorbet (Berliner Weisse) 6%
A creamy Berliner Weisse with lots of sweet strawberries backed by tart passionfruit and a good measure of vanilla. It is thick and heavy and fresh all at the same time.

Friends & Company - Skoglunds Blueberry Sour (Fruited Sour) 4.8%

Nerdbrewing - Indexoutofbounds Oak Aged Imperial Vanilla Stout - Vietnamese Coffee Edition (Imperial Stout) 11.6%



Denmark 3 taps

Mikkeller Burst IPA 5.5%

Mikkeller Side Eyes PA 4.6%

Mikkeller Visions Lager 4.5%

Norway 2 taps

Lervig - Lucky Jack Pale Ale (Pale ale) 4,7%

Nøgne Ø TBC


Price include 5 tickets, which can be used for either beer or food.

If needed, additional food and beer can be purchased at the bar.







このイベントは2019年に初開催し大変ご好評を頂いた、「ノルディッククラフトビールイブニング」のリバイバルで、今回は日本橋のCRAFTROCK Brewpub & Liveで開催します。



本イベントでは、Brewski (SE), Friends & Company (SE), Mikkeller (DK), Nøgne Ø (NO) のビールや軽いフィンガーフードにご利用いただける5枚のチケットが含まれています。






ブリュースキ ラズベリーリコリスバニラシャーベット (Berliner Weisse) 6%

フレンズカンパニー スコグルンズブルーベリーサワー (Fruited Sour) 4.8%

ナードブリューイング Indexoutofbounds オークエイジドインペリアルバニラスタウト - ベトナムコーヒーエディション (Imperial Stout) 11.6%




ミッケラー バースト IPA 5.5%

ミッケラー サイドアイズ PA 4.6%

ミッケラー ヴィジョンズ・ラガー 4.5%



Lervig - Lucky Jack Pale Ale (Pale ale) 4.7%

ヌグネ (銘柄未定)





  • Thursday June 2nd, 19:00 - 21:00

  • CRAFTROCK Brewpub & Live

  • Coredo Muromachi Terrace 1F, 3-2-1, Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0022

  • SCCJ Members, YCN & SWAN: 5,000 JPY, Non-Members: 7,000JPY (Price include 5 tickets, which can be used for either beer or food.)

  • SCCJ Members, YCN & SWAN: 5,000 JPY, Non-Members: 7,000JPY (Price include 5 tickets, which can be used for either beer or food.)

  • All guests are required to pay for the fee in advance. The number of seats is limited so first come, first serve basis. Registration opens at 18:30.