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[Fully Booked] Webinar: The Metaverse, Explained

  • 27 April 2022 09:30 - 10:30

  • Zoom (online)

*This event has been fully booked.


The "metaverse" is everywhere right now. And for a good reason: According to Bloomberg Intelligence*, the metaverse will be an $8 trillion business in just two years. And many companies are already in competition for a piece of the billions. 


But while most agree that the metaverse truly will transform how we live and work - how is it relevant here and now? What can companies do in 2022 to go beyond the buzzwords and jargon and prepare to take their businesses to the next level to leverage the metaverse?


In this session, Mr Jonas Pinzke,​ Co-Founder of Valiber Group,​ will give us an introduction to the metaverse, including the opportunities and limitations of its current form, as well as the possibilities and challenges of what lays ahead. In addition, we will discuss how the metaverse can be used to interact with both clients and employees, today and in the future, and how corporations can prepare and start getting involved.


This event is for anyone curious about metaverse and who wants to find out what companies can do today to prepare for the future. Overall, we will deep dive into the following:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the metaverse today and what it can become in the future
  • Have a run-through of the different technologies and landscapes associated with the metaverse
  • List the companies who are actively participating in building the metaverse
  • Show real-life examples of companies in various sectors (finance, communications, fashion, tech) active in the metaverse and why they are there
  • Discuss possible strategies and steps for companies that can be employed today.



  • 10:10-10:30 am Q&A.

Speaker profile:
Jonas Pinzke

Managing Partner at Valiber Group


Mr Jonas Pinzke is an international marketing executive with 20+ years of experience helping global brands become relevant and grow through state-of-the-art innovative marketing. His clients include some of the world’s biggest companies and leading brands, in sectors ranging from tech to entertainment, automotive to fashion, and finance.

Mr Pinzke is also the co-founder of Valiber Group, a Singaporean based marketing and communication agency supporting clients with strategy, creativity and technology to expand their business.



This event is organized in collaboration with The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. 


  • Wednesday April 27th, 09:30 - 10:30

  • Zoom (online)

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  • Free of charge (for SCCJ members only)

  • Free of charge (for SCCJ members only)

  • This event is for SCCJ Members only Number of participants are limited and booked on a first come, first serve basis.