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As third-generation head of his family business, Yoshisuke Okada wants to bring Japanese lacquerware to the world through a unique blend of convention and ingenuity.

In July 2005, two friends agreed to start a design company. Ten years later, Queserser Co. Ltd. has 150 employees worldwide and five branches in Japan, Singapore, and now India. Just this year, they announced a fantastic goal: "One country, one branch." Their aim, says company President Kennosuke Kamada, is nothing less than to establish a presence in each country, worldwide. Yet this bold goal is not the only interesting thing about Queserser; it also has a unique way of handling its employees and creative staff.


“Our company policy is not to force people to do things they don’t want to do,” Kamada explains. “Instead, we want them to think and create on their own, spontaneously. I respect people who are self-motivated and act according to their intuition. I’ve always wanted to create such a company. My explanation may seem simplistic, but I would like everybody to work together happily. My thinking hasn’t changed since I established the company.


“When we open new branches in different countries, we employ local people. We are genuinely interested in the happiness of our employees and our clients. That is the aim of Queserser, the source of our happiness.”


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[SUBHEAD] Rugby spirit


From the age of 4 through to his college days, Kamada played rugby, which had a formative effect on his life and outlook. It taught him the power behind the maxim "All for one, and one for all." Whether in rugby or business, for a team to function, each player must make decisions on the move that affect other members. Looking back, Kamada feels he learned this vital lesson about the relation between the individual and the group through the tough and noble game of rugby.


[SUBHEAD] Expanding horizons


With two branches abroad, Queserser has set its sights on Sweden. When Sweden Day was held in Shibuya’s Hikarie in July, Queserser handled the graphics, design, and PR work. It was the opening of what they hope will be a long relationship with Sweden and Swedish business.


"First off, Swedish design is very interesting,” says Kamada. “I’ve seen nothing but good things, everything from furniture to fashion, IT, and a wide variety of Swedish music, which is currently booming in Japan.”


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While pondering his plans to expand overseas, Kamada decided to revamp his hairstyle in the manner of the samurai, Japan’s warrior class of bygone days. The change was symbolic of his resolve to extend his dream to a global scale by making healthy working environments for his staff.


“For me, it’s interesting to watch how Queserser evolves on a daily basis. I want to create a borderless environment free from arbitrary rules. Regardless of country, the motivation of employees will be high if they are happy with their job and the place where they work. If Queserser can become a starting point for their happiness, I’m glad,” he says.


He continues: “Design extends to all corners of human existence. It extends even into communication tools – it crosses borders and is connected to every aspect of our lives. For this reason, we would like to know more about Swedish design, and to communicate with the world with our own design.”


The name Queserser comes from “Qué será, sera,” a famous faux-Spanish saying meaning “what will be, will be.” In Japanese it is rendered as “naruyou ni naru sa,” which, put back into English, reads something like, “What will be will be, if we try.” It is a fitting translation of the sentiment from which this ambitious company takes its name, and we wish them luck!


For more information on Queserser, please visit their website at http://www.queserser.co.jp/


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