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SCCJ & YCN 2018 Football World Cup: Sweden vs. South Korea

18 June 2018 21:00


Worldstar Cafe Roppongi

SCCJ & YCN 2018 Football World Cup: Sweden vs. South Korea



Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 11.12.16This is the biggest live viewing event of the Sweden - South Korea 2018 World Cup football game. 

Join us for a fun night out at a great sports bar in Roppongi. 

This event is co-organized with Young Chamber Network (YCN) and we expect a good mix of members from SCCJ and a young crowd. 

Date: Monday June 18th, 21:00-23:00 (Doors open at 20:30)
Venue: Worldstar Cafe 
Address: 5-1- 3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (1 min walk from Roppongi station)
Entrace: 3 000 JPY, 2 hour all-you-can-drink is included from 21:00-23:00 (alcohol, softdrinks)
Registration: Click on the "Sign-up" tag above or send an email to office@sccj.org with your name and organization. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 11.06.47

The all-you-can-drink plan will start at 21:00.
Food can be purchased in the bar.

Number of guests are limited and reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.  
Please register on Friday the 15th of June at the latest.  

Table seats are availible to reserve for an additional charge. Contact petter@sccj.org if you are interested.  


SCCJ Event ticket can be used for this event.

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Worldstar Cafe Roppongi

5 Chome-1-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 106-0032, Japan
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No Name Organization
1 Johannes Fihlen Alpha
2 Jessica Liki Guest to Alpha
3 Christian Thorén ASA digital
4 Natsuki Kaku ASA digital
5 Jonathan Wik Asics Corporation
6 Joakim Larsson Bandai
7 Mayo Ito Guest to Bandai
8 Carl Norsten Business Sweden
9 Carl Norsten Guest Guest to Business Sweden
10 Naoto Tsujigiwa Cut Cut Systems
11 Juan Jose Cuenca Rojas Daimler
12 Johan Bergsten Daimler AG
13 Kris "Danger" Kullengren EF
14 Maiko Ozaki EF Education First Japan
15 Ami Azuma EF Education First Japan
16 Nigel Asai Electrolux Professionnel
17 Magnus Robach Embassy of Sweden
18 Victoria Forslund Bellass Embassy of Sweden
19 David Bellass
20 Johan Bergkvist Embassy of Sweden
21 Miriam Tardell Embassy of Sweden
22 Takuya Nakagawa Embassy of Sweden/Swedish Alumni Network
23 Claes Martinsson Ericsson
24 Melina Kalandaridis Ericsson
25 Dionisis Kafasis
26 Keren Ronen Ericsson
27 Niclas Hedstrom Ericsson
28 Ulf Sundstrom Ericsson Japan
29 Kim
30 Martin Krook Ericsson Japan KK
31 Jan Fredander Ericsson Japan KK
32 Pontus Häggström FCA Japan Ltd.
33 Yuhka Häggström
34 Keita Häggström Guest to FCA Japan Ltd.
35 Miki Häggström FCA Japan Ltd.
36 Jakob Edberg GR Japan K.K.
37 Ola Nordqvist Guest to Business Sweden
38 Fumiya Watanabe Guest to Sweden Alumni Network
39 Mitsutoshi Hara Guest to Guest to Sweden Alumni Network
40 Fidel Alvarez del Canto Hitachi and ABB
41 Sophie
42 Oskar Orstadius Hoegh Autoliners
43 Carl Eklund Hoganas Japan KK
44 Maki Eklund
45 Nils hornmark hornmark kk
46 Noriko hornmark
47 Johan WESTBLAD Individual
48 Malin Walterson Intralink
49 Magnus Hansson Jaguar Landrover
50 Camilla Palm
51 Ian Knives Keio University
52 Nina Lundqvist KOKUYO
53 Koki Ito Guest to KOKUYO
54 Dan Lundqvist Guest to KOKUYO
55 Vilhem Fritzon NA
56 Isak Fritzon NA
57 Dag Fritzon NA
58 Barbro Fritzon NA
59 Tobias Eriksson National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
60 Karin Rhodin
61 Lars LILJESSON RGF Professional Recruitment Japan
62 Peter Höljö Scandinavian Service
63 TBD Scandinavian Service
64 TBD Scandinavian Service
65 TBD Scandinavian Service
66 Stefan Bosnjak SCCJ
67 Maximilian Reck SCCJ
68 Takuya Hara SCCJ
69 Veronica Laden Guest to SCCJ
70 Robert Blanck Space Design
71 Kaj Lindhé Gimdal Stockholm University
72 Azusa Sunaga Sunaga design office
73 Sophia Bylesjö SWEA
74 Markus Bylesjö
75 Linn Harkess SWEA
76 Pablo Iglesias
77 Michaela Bondeson SWEA
78 Erika Braas SWEA
79 Lilian Nordlund SWEA
80 Henric Olsson
81 Maria Nakazono Sweden Alumni Network
82 Momoe Hayashi Sweden Alumni Network
83 Sebastian Lee Lagberg Swedish School Tokyo
84 Hanna Lee Lagberg
85 Johan Bjursell Guest to Swedish School Tokyo
86 Yosuke Tsuga TGA Architects & Partners
87 Jorgen Gustafsson UD Trucks
88 Joachim Rosenberg UD Trucks
89 Kristin Rosenberg
90 Andreas Olausson Virtusize
91 Kamol Khodjaev Volvo Cars
92 Shakhlo Khodjaev
93 Mattias Hallberg Wahl and Case
94 Oscar Brekell www.brekell.com
95 Jonathan Barassa YCN
96 Christopher Weibull YCN
97 Guest Weibull Guest to YCN
98 Guest Weibull Guest to YCN
99 Mika Nitz Pettersson YCN
100 Kaj Lindahl Guest to YCN
101 Serusa Katabami 日本エマージェンシーアシスタンス


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