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Women's Impact Network (WIN)

05 June 2018 19:00 - 21:00


Embassy of Sweden, Club Room (B1)

Women's Impact Network (WIN)


Join the third SCCJ Women's Impact Network (WIN) Event


Women's Impact Network (WIN) is a established network for members of SCCJ. 
The aim is create a forum for women in business to share knowledge, experiences and best practices on relevant topics. This event is open for women on all levels in all industries. We will have two inspiring speakers for this event, Keiko Asano from Munters Japan and Touko Shirakawa, Author and Writer.

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Keynote presentation by SCCJ Member Ms. Keiko AsanoManaging Director, Munters Japan. Keiko will share her experiences and take-aways on how to succeed in a male dominated industry. Ms. Asano has a history of working for several global companies both in Japan and abroad. Her career consists of management positions within companies such as Toshiba, Nippon Motorola, Chrystler and Ferragamo. 


Our guest speaker is Ms. Touko Shirakawa, Journalist and Writer. 


Ms. Shirakawa was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Faculty of Letters at Keio University. She specializes in women's lifestyles by generation, singledom and late marriage, the falling birthrate, and working women interviews, and is a leading authority in covering the marriage agency industry. In 2016 she served as a member of Cabinet Secretariat "Council for work style reform Conference". She writes for several business magazines such as "Nikkei Business Associe," "President," and "Nikkei Business Online." She has advocated "konkatsu (marriage hunting)" 
along with Professor Masahiro Yamada of Chuo University, and their co-authored "Konkatsu Jidai (the Era of Marriage Hunting)" (Discover 21) was a hit, selling 170,000 copies. 


 Wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks wil be served together with snacks. 

Date:   Tuesday June 5th, 2018
Time:   19:00 - 21:00 (Mingle & networking from 20:00)
Registration open at 18:30
Venue: Embassy of Sweden, Club Room (B1) 

 1-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku  
Closest station: Kamiyacho (Hibiya line) or Roppongi-Itchome (Namboku line)       

Cost:    2,000/person JPY (SCCJ Members) 
            3,000/person JPY (Non-members)
            (incl. drinks and snacks)

This event is open for women on all levels in all industries. 

For any questions, please feel free to ask the SCCJ Secretariat.



第3回 ウィメンズ・インパクト・ネットワーク (WIN)イベント 


ウィメンズ・インパクト・ネットワーク (WIN)はSCCJから新たに発足されたネットワークです。

第3回目のイベントでは、ムンタース株式会社 代表取締役 浅野恵子氏とジャーナリスト&ライター白河桃子氏にスピーカーとしてご参加いただきます。 

ムンタース株式会社 浅野恵子 代表取締役(SCCJ企業会員)キーノートプレゼンテーション



日時:2018年6月5日(火曜日)19:00-21:00(ご歓談は 20:00から)

2,000円/人  非会員 3,000円/人(軽食代を含みます)










Embassy of Sweden, Club Room (B1)

Japan, 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi, 1 Chome−10−3−100
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