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Team Building Bowling Competition 2018 - NEW VENUE

26 February 2018 19:30 - 22:30


Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Bowling Center

Team Building Bowling Competition 2018 - NEW VENUE



Team up for Bowling!

It's time to bond up with your colleagues and friends for fun!

Rule is simple;
1) Play in a team of 4* 
2) Bring some prize for the award ceremony**

*People registering individually will play in a team set up by SCCJ with other individual participants
**Same number as participants, company novelties, 

File 201141123favorite candy, something simple

Last year's winner and holder of the trophy is B.Braun Aesculap -Make a team to make sure they don't keep the trophy this year again!

Date:   Monday February 26th, 2018

Time:   19:30 - 22:30 (Doors open at 19:00)
            19:30 - 20:50 Bowling (Annex Tower) 
            21:00 - 22:30 Dinner 

Venue: NEW VENUE - Shinagawa Prince Hotel
            Bowling Center (Annex Tower)   
            4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku  Tel:  03-5421-7875
            Closest station: JR Shinagawa Station (6 min)           

Cost:    7,500/person JPY
            (incl. 2 games play fee, food & free flowing drinks)
            5,000/person JPY for non-player for dinner 

Registration: Click on the "Sign-up" tag above 
Register by Friday Feb. 16th, 2018 at the latest.
All cancellations after Friday 23rd will be invoiced in full.

For any questions, please feel free to ask the SCCJ Secretariat.

Please note that SCCJ Event Tickets cannot be used as payment for this event. 

Hope to see many of your happy faces there!

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oIMG 0928 tn

  〒108-8611 東京都港区高輪4-10-30

Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Bowling Center

日本、〒108-8611 東京都港区高輪4−10−30 アネックスタワー
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No Name Organization
1 Richard Kelly Alfa Laval K.K
2 Igarashi Alfa Laval K.K
3 Maeda Alfa Laval K.K
4 K Ikeda Alfa Laval K.K
5 Yamazaki Alfa Laval K.K
6 Takagi Alfa Laval K.K
7 Mori Alfa Laval K.K
8 Sekino Alfa Laval K.K
9 Sugimoto Alfa Laval K.K
10 Shibayama Alfa Laval K.K
11 Ishihara Alfa Laval K.K
12 Abe Alfa Laval K.K
13 Kimura Alfa Laval K.K
14 Fukui Alfa Laval K.K
15 T Suzuki Alfa Laval K.K
16 Yamashita Alfa Laval K.K
17 Thomas Ostergren Atlas Copco KK
18 Taki Suzuki Atlas Copco KK
19 Takashi Yamamoto Atlas Copco KK
20 Kyohei Nagano Atlas Copco KK
21 Toru Ishimaru Atlas Copco KK
22 Kenta Tsuda Atlas Copco KK
23 Rie Imai Atlas Copco KK
24 Dharmarajan Muthu Atlas Copco KK
25 Kejiro Nakamura Atlas Copco KK
26 Taro Okamoto Atlas Copco KK
27 Takuya Moribe Atlas Copco KK
28 Tomohiro Hosokawa (Epiroc) Atlas Copco KK
29 Hironobu Sugiura (Epiroc) Atlas Copco KK
30 Shinpei Muto (Epiroc) Atlas Copco KK
31 Shoko Takashima (Epiroc) Atlas Copco KK
32 Naoyuki Inoue (Epiroc) Atlas Copco KK
33 Naoko Takahashi BBraun
34 TBC Guest to BBraun
35 TBC Guest to BBraun
36 TBC Guest to BBraun
37 Naoko Takahashi BBraun
38 TBC BBraun
39 TBC BBraun
40 TBC BBraun
41 TBC BBraun
42 TBC BBraun
43 TBC BBraun
44 TBC BBraun
45 TBC BBraun
46 TBC BBraun
47 TBC BBraun
48 TBC BBraun
49 TBC (Only dinner) BBraun
50 Asumi Kojima Business Sweden
51 Petter Sund Business Sweden
52 Carolina Johansson Santos Silva Business Sweden
53 Maja Turesson Business Sweden
54 Vanessa Yuko Hori EF Education
55 Steven Ellis EF Education
56 Vincent Macron EF Education
57 Eri Iida EF Education
58 TBD Embassy of Finland
59 TBD Embassy of Finland
60 TBD Embassy of Finland
61 TBD Embassy of Finland
62 Takuya Nakagawa Embassy of Sweden
63 Johannes Andreasson Embassy of Sweden
64 Nico Mira Embassy of Sweden
65 Johan Larsson Embassy of Sweden
66 Katsuhisa Nishijima Nihon Tetra Pak
67 Tbc Nihon Tetra Pak
68 Tbc Nihon Tetra Pak
69 Tbc Nihon Tetra Pak
70 Peter Holjo Scandinavian Service
71 TBC Scandinavian Service
72 TBC Scandinavian Service
73 TBC Scandinavian Service
74 TBC Scandinavian Service
75 TBC Scandinavian Service
76 TBC Scandinavian Service
77 TBC Scandinavian Service
78 TBC Scandinavian Service
79 TBC Scandinavian Service
80 TBC Scandinavian Service
81 TBC Scandinavian Service
82 TBD Vaisala
83 TBD Vaisala
84 TBD Vaisala
85 TBD Vaisala
86 Kamol Khodjaev Volvo Car Japan
87 TBC Volvo Car Japan
88 TBC Volvo Car Japan
89 TBC Volvo Car Japan
90 Daniel Helmer Wallenius Wilhelmsen
91 Mats Steinnes Wallenius Wilhelmsen
92 Masahiro Kanawa Wallenius Wilhelmsen
93 Scott Monteith Wallenius Wilhelmsen


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