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The 25th Joint Scandinavian Christmas Ball

07 December 2017 18:30


The Westin Tokyo Hotel

The 25th Joint Scandinavian Christmas Ball


The 25th Joint Scandinavian Christmas Ball 

Thursday December 7th 18:30-24:00
At the Westin Hotel in Ebisu

The Social Highlight of the Year for the Nordic Chambers, -The 25th Joint Scandinavian Christmas Ball, is an almost 6 hours extravaganza with entertainment, stylish dinner, ballroom dancing and lottery with very attractive prizes (airline tickets, etc.) waiting for participants. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join one of the best parties in town for a very reasonable price, taking into account what it includes!

This is a great opportunity to entertain your valued customers and partners as your guests. Many companies also take this opportunity to invite their successful employees as a thank you gift for the past year or just a great way to round off the year.  


Date & Time:  Thursday, 7 December, 18:30 - 24:00 
Venue:           The Westin Tokyo in Ebisu, 1-4-1 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Registration:  You can register by clicking sign-up at the upper page and go to Finnland Chamber,
      or by sending us email
                      *Please let us know the number of people to save the seat.

Latest participants list
Photo from last year’s party

The reservation deadline is Friday 24 November, but seats allocated to SCCJ is limited so we would recommend an early reservation.

The Westin Tokyo Hotel

1 Chome-4-1 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tōkyō-to 153-0062, Japan
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No Name Organization
1 Richard Kelly Alfa Laval
2 TBA Alfa Laval
3 TBA Alfa Laval
4 TBA Alfa Laval
5 TBA Alfa Laval
6 TBA Alfa Laval
7 TBA Alfa Laval
8 TBA Alfa Laval
9 TBA Alfa Laval
10 TBA Alfa Laval
11 Thomas Ostergren Atlas Copco KK
12 Haruko Ostergren Guest to Atlas Copco KK
13 Masaru Sakamoto CellMark Japan
14 Ako Murano CellMark Japan
15 TBD CellMark Japan
16 TBD CellMark Japan
17 Ivar Johansson Correns Corporation
18 Thomas Nolting Correns Corporation
19 Naoko Nolting Guest to Correns Corporation
20 Christian Kraut Guest to Correns Corporation
21 Jutta Kraut Guest to Correns Corporation
22 Barbara Johansson Guest to Correns Corporation
23 Takahiro Okoj Dometic KK
24 TBD Dometic KK
25 TBD Dometic KK
26 TBD Dometic KK
27 TBD Dometic KK
28 TBD Dometic KK
29 TBD Dometic KK
30 TBD Dometic KK
31 TBD Dometic KK
32 TBD Dometic KK
33 Nigel Asai Electrolux
34 TBA Electrolux
35 TBA Electrolux
36 TBA Electrolux
37 TBA Electrolux
38 TBA Electrolux
39 TBA Electrolux
40 TBA Electrolux
41 Charles Schanen Elekta K.K.
42 Eriko Schanen
43 Magnus Robach Embassy of Sweden
44 SWEA Member Guest to Embassy of Sweden
45 SWEA Member Guest to Embassy of Sweden
46 Oscar Lundin en world Japan K.K.
47 James Kikuchi en world Japan K.K.
48 Gildo Aleshinsky en world Japan K.K.
49 Malgosia Lundin Guest for en world
50 Shotaro Tomita Hokusei Products Company
51 TBD Hokusei Products Company
52 TBD Hokusei Products Company
53 TBD Hokusei Products Company
54 TBD Hokusei Products Company
55 TBD Hokusei Products Company
56 TBD Hokusei Products Company
57 TBD Hokusei Products Company
58 TBD Hokusei Products Company
59 TBD Hokusei Products Company
60 Fujio Ota Individual
61 T.b.i. Individual
62 T.b.i. Individual
63 T.b.i. Individual
64 Shibahara Masaru Individual
65 Iguchi Michiyo Guest to Shibahara Masaru
66 Yoshiki Asano Individual
67 Yasuko Asano Individual
68 Miyako Asano Individual
69 Sony SÖDERBERG Individual Member
70 Takeshi Fujiwara Individual Member
71 Remi Fujiwara Individual Member
72 Keiko Asano Munters K.K.
73 Mika Ishii Munters K.K.
74 Daniel Jacobson Pasona
75 Kayoko Chihara Guest to Pasona
76 Yoko Makino Guest to Pasona
77 Aya Takahashi Robert Walters Japan K.K.
78 Airi Nagafuji Robert Walters Japan K.K.
79 Peter Holjo Scandinavia Service Corporation
80 Naruyuki Shimada Scandinavia Service Corporation
81 Johanna Molander Öman Scandinavia Service Corporation
82 Rika Matsuno Scandinavia Service Corporation
83 Sakiko Komachi Scandinavia Service Corporation
84 Hiroko Ueno Scandinavia Service Corporation
85 Momok Ueno Scandinavia Service Corporation
86 Kunpei Ayabe Scandinavia Service Corporation
87 Hisaki Obata Scandinavia Service Corporation
88 Go Sato Scandinavia Service Corporation
89 Norihiko Tanaka Scandinavia Service Corporation
90 Tatsuya Tsuruhisa Seco Tools Japan K.K.
91 TBD Seco Tools Japan K.K.
92 TBA Tetra Pak
93 TBA Tetra Pak
94 TBA Tetra Pak
95 TBA Tetra Pak
96 TBA Tetra Pak
97 TBA Tetra Pak
98 TBA Tetra Pak
99 TBA Tetra Pak
100 Takayuki KIMURA Volvo Car Japan
101 TBA Volvo Car Japan
102 TBA Volvo Car Japan
103 TBA Volvo Car Japan
104 TBA Volvo Car Japan
105 TBA Volvo Car Japan
106 TBA Volvo Car Japan
107 TBA Volvo Car Japan
108 TBA Volvo Car Japan
109 TBA Volvo Car Japan


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