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The 25th Joint Scandinavian Christmas Ball

07 December 2017 18:30


The Westin Tokyo Hotel

The 25th Joint Scandinavian Christmas Ball


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Date: Thu. 7 December

Time: 18.30 - 24:00

Venue: The Westin Tokyo

Number of participants:
  • 320

    Participation fee:
  • 21,000 yen all included

    Registration dead-line:
  • Thu. 30 November

    Dress Code:
  • Black tie or dark suit


  • Welcome to the 25th Scandinavian Christmas Ball!

    The social highlight of the year of the five Nordic Chambers in Japan, the Scandinavian Christmas Ball, will be held on Thursday, 7 December at the Westin Tokyo Hotel in Ebisu.

    The Christmas Ball Committee is working hard to once more create an enjoyable and unforgettable evening which provides the best value for money in town!

    Registration to the Ball

    The registration for the Ball is ongoing. Please sign up soon to secure your seats. To do so now, got to the Registration page.

    Sponsoring and Promotion Opportunities

    We are still recruiting sponsors for the Ball. Without the continuous support from a large number of companies and organizations, we could not have made this event as enjoyable as it has been throughout the years, for a reasonable cost of participation.

    If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and promote your company at this year's event, and be listed in one of the categories below, click here!

    Sign up now and benefit more from your sponsorship!

    As the donations subsidize this event by approximately 3,000 yen per participant, we strongly urge companies that plan to reserve company tables to sign up as sponsor, thereby we can also guarantee you full tables.
    Sponsors in 2016


    Supported by:

    Embassy of Sweden, Royal Danish Embassy, Embassy of Finland
    Royal Norwegian Embassy, Embassy of Iceland

    Organized by:

    © 2017 SCCJ & DCCJ & FCCJ & ISCCJ & NCCJ. All rights Reserved




    The Westin Tokyo Hotel

    1 Chome-4-1 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tōkyō-to 153-0062, Japan
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    No Name Organization
    1 Richard Kelly Alfa Laval
    2 Ylva Kelly
    3 Noriko Kimura Alfa Laval
    4 Atsufumi Ikeda Alfa Laval
    5 Hiroyuki Matsuhisa Alfa Laval
    6 Shigeto Morita Alfa Laval
    7 Hidenori Yamagami Alfa Laval
    8 Akihiro Shirai Alfa Laval
    9 Fumiko Reikan Alfa Laval
    10 Hidemitsu Harada Alfa Laval
    11 Sadanori Asai Alfa Laval
    12 Thomas Ostergren Atlas Copco KK
    13 Taki Suzuki Atlas Copco KK
    14 Masaru Sakamoto CellMark Japan
    15 Ako Murano CellMark Japan
    16 Aiya Ono (Helen A Takahashi-Ono) Columbia University Alumini
    17 Ivar Johansson Correns Corporation
    18 Thomas Nolting Correns Corporation
    19 Naoko Nolting Guest to Correns Corporation
    20 Christian Kraut Guest to Correns Corporation
    21 Jutta Kraut Guest to Correns Corporation
    22 Barbara Johansson Guest to Correns Corporation
    23 Takahiro Okoj Dometic KK
    24 Nils Hornmark Dometic KK
    25 Noriko Hornmark Dometic KK
    26 Takashi Suzuki Dometic KK
    27 Maki Adachi Dometic KK
    28 Yoshinori Sakuma Dometic KK
    29 Naoki AKimoto Dometic KK
    30 Brad Slater Dometic KK
    31 Tomoko Furukawa Dometic KK
    32 Makoto Taguchi Dometic KK
    33 Sang-Chul Lee EF Education First
    34 TBD Guest to EF Education First
    35 TBD Guest to EF Education First
    36 TBD Guest to EF Education First
    37 TBD Guest to EF Education First
    38 TBD Guest to EF Education First
    39 TBD Guest to EF Education First
    40 TBD Guest to EF Education First
    41 Nigel Asai Electrolux
    42 Mamoru Suzuki Guest to Electrolux
    43 Kenichi Kuranoh Guest to Electrolux
    44 Jun Kubota Guest to Electrolux
    45 Shuhei Nagamatsu Guest to Electrolux
    46 Tomomi Higashida Guest to Electrolux
    47 Koji Itoh Guest to Electrolux
    48 Mika Yamazaki Guest to Electrolux
    49 Koji Yamazaki Guest to Electrolux
    50 Ryoko Hisaminato Guest to Electrolux
    51 Kouki Shibata Electrolux
    52 Yuki Ono Electrolux
    53 Charles Schanen Elekta K.K.
    54 Eriko Schanen
    55 Magnus Robach Embassy of Sweden
    56 SWEA Member Guest to Embassy of Sweden
    57 SWEA Member Guest to Embassy of Sweden
    58 SWEA Member Guest to Embassy of Sweden
    59 SWEA Member Guest to Embassy of Sweden
    60 Oscar Lundin en world Japan K.K.
    61 James Kikuchi en world Japan K.K.
    62 Gildo Aleshinsky en world Japan K.K.
    63 Malgosia Lundin Guest for en world
    64 Fidel Alvarez Hitachi ABB HVDC Technologies, Ltd
    65 Sophie Alvarez Blomgren Guest to Hitachi ABB HVDC Technologies, Ltd
    66 Louisa Alvarez Blomgren Guest to Hitachi ABB HVDC Technologies, Ltd
    67 Tomoaki Utsumi Hitachi ABB HVDC Technologies, Ltd.
    68 Yuka Utsumi
    69 Shotaro Tomita Hokusei Products Company
    70 TBD Hokusei Products Company
    71 TBD Hokusei Products Company
    72 TBD Hokusei Products Company
    73 TBD Hokusei Products Company
    74 TBD Hokusei Products Company
    75 TBD Hokusei Products Company
    76 TBD Hokusei Products Company
    77 TBD Hokusei Products Company
    78 TBD Hokusei Products Company
    79 Trey Roper Husqvarna Zenoah Co., Ltd.
    80 Noriko Roper
    81 Shibahara Masaru Individual
    82 Iguchi Michiyo Guest to Shibahara Masaru
    83 Yoshiki Asano Individual
    84 Yasuko Asano Individual
    85 Miyako Asano Individual
    86 Fujio Ota Individual
    87 Rio Ota Individual
    88 Naobumi Nomura Individual
    89 Kumiko Nomura. Individual
    90 Yukari Goto Individual
    91 Takeshi Fujiwara Individual Member
    92 Remi Fujiwara Individual Member
    93 Keiko Asano Munters K.K.
    94 Mika Ishii Munters K.K.
    95 Daniel Jacobson Pasona
    96 Kayoko Chihara Guest to Pasona
    97 Yoko Makino Guest to Pasona
    98 Aya Takahashi Robert Walters Japan K.K.
    99 Airi Nagafuji Robert Walters Japan K.K.
    100 Michael Wingström Robert Walters Japan K.K.
    101 Tomoko Irie Scandinavia Service Corporation
    102 Peter Holjo Scandinavia Service Corporation
    103 Naruyuki Shimada Scandinavia Service Corporation
    104 Johanna Molander Öman Scandinavia Service Corporation
    105 Rika Matsuno Scandinavia Service Corporation
    106 Sakiko Komachi Scandinavia Service Corporation
    107 Hiroko Ueno Scandinavia Service Corporation
    108 Momok Ueno Scandinavia Service Corporation
    109 Kunpei Ayabe Scandinavia Service Corporation
    110 Hisaki Obata Scandinavia Service Corporation
    111 Go Sato Scandinavia Service Corporation
    112 Norihiko Tanaka Scandinavia Service Corporation
    113 Masahiko Yazawa Scandinavia Service Corporation
    114 Shinobu Sohara Scandinavia Service Corporation
    115 Kenichiro Ohashi Scandinavia Service Corporation
    116 Yumi Nakura Scandinavia Service Corporation
    117 Ai Kawauchi Scandinavia Service Corporation
    118 Shohei Futaki Scandinavia Service Corporation
    119 Atsuko Futaki Scandinavia Service Corporation
    120 Masafumi Uehara Scandinavia Service Corporation
    121 Kumiko Kojima Scandinavia Service Corporation
    122 Yoko Kaiki Scanjap Incorporated
    123 Tatsuya Tsuruhisa Seco Tools Japan K.K.
    124 TBD Seco Tools Japan K.K.
    125 Robert Blanck Space Design
    126 Sayuri Hata Space Design
    127 Jonas Holm Sweden House
    128 Yasuhiko Ohkawa Sweden House
    129 Hauggaard Henrik Tetra Pak
    130 Jens Olsen Tetra Pak
    131 Yachiyo Olsen Tetra Pak
    132 Shuichi Houki Tetra Pak
    133 Naomi Houki Tetra Pak
    134 Shinichi Sakao Tetra Pak
    135 Yumi Sakao Tetra Pak
    136 Yoko Kaji Tetra Pak
    137 Junko Kaji Tetra Pak
    138 Naoko Sugiyama Tetra Pak
    139 Kenneth Hagas UD Trucks
    140 TBD Guest to UD Trucks
    141 Takayuki KIMURA Volvo Car Japan
    142 Shigeko Kimura
    143 Pontus Häggström Volvo Car Japan
    144 Yuhka Häggström
    145 Yumi Shibuya Volvo Car Japan
    146 Taiichiro Aruga Volvo Car Japan
    147 Magnus Hansson Volvo Car Japan
    148 Camilla Hansson
    149 Misao Toyoda Volvo Car Japan
    150 Keiko Toyoda


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