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About the SCCJ


Mission Statement

The SCCJ promotes Sweden-related business in Japan by supporting the Swedish business community and by creating a more favorable market environment for its Swedish, Japanese, and other member companies.



Our Motto: By the Members, for the Members

The SCCJ is an independent, interest-based organization where activities are defined by the needs and expectations of the members. While the chamber has a secretariat running the daily operations, much of our activities are planned and carried out in groups and committees run by the members.


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (SCCJ) was established in 1992 to promote Sweden-related business in Japan. We actively support the Swedish business community by helping them build long-lasting business relationships in Japan and by advocating Swedish industry, technology and management culture. Through participation in the European Business Council in Japan and other channels, we also strive to improve the business environment for our member companies from Sweden, Japan and other countries by supporting deregulation and harmonization in the Japanese market.


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