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Tuesday, 18 October 2016 14:50

Authorized distributor of world renowned Swedish knives in Japan

Written by  SCCJ

UPI imports and sells overseas-made outdoor products

UPI’s head office is located in Mino-City, Osaka Prefecture. All of its products, including knives made and exported by Morakniv, can be purchased online on UPI’s website: (http://uneplage.net/). UPI also wholesales its imported products to retailers throughout Japan. These retailers include outdoor stores like Wild-1, Montbell and Kojitsu. 

“We specialize in the importing and selling of overseas-made outdoor goods, such as knives and camping equipment. We handle about 12 different brands. All of these brands are not widely available for purchase here in Japan” explains Mr. Homma.  


Morakniv is UPI’s main product

UPI’s main product is the Morakniv. All Morakniv are manufactured in Sweden’s Mora City, before being exported overseas. Mora City has a centuries-old tradition of producing high-quality knives; and the craftsmanship developed over its long history is the backbone to Morakniv’s durable and easy-to-use knives. Also, the materials used to make Morakniv, such as steel, all come from within Sweden. According to Mr. Homma, Morakniv make up about 45% of UPI’s revenue.

UPI began importing and selling Morakniv knives in 2013. Prior to that, Morakniv were only available 4 – 5 knives as a B-to-C product in Japan; UPI was the first company that started selling Morakniv as a B-to-B and B-to-C product through wide variety of product segments. 

“In the first year, we sold around 3,000 knives through a year, but now, we sell around 36,000 knives. The product line up has also increased more than ten times” explains Mr. Homma.


The reasons behind Morakniv’s success in Japan

According to Mr. Homma, the sales of Morakniv have skyrocketed because of: (1) changing trends within Japan; (2) the intrinsic quality/value of each product.

Over the past several years, bushcraft has grown into a popular hobby & activity within Japan. Many of the knives Morakniv makes and sells are ideal for bushcraft activities, such as firecraft, shelter-building, and hand-carving wood. According to Mr. Homma, the superior characteristics of Morakniv knives quickly spread among bushcraft enthusiasts within Japan through word-of-mouth. “Actually, the word spread at an unexpectedly fast rate” adds Mr. Homma.

Another important reason for its success is the price. Morakniv are comparatively cheaper than similar-typed knives made by other companies, including Japanese makers. The starting price of knives made by other makers is around 5,000 yen; whereas Morakniv’ starting price is around 2,000 yen. At this price, entry-level bushcrafters can easily purchase a Morakniv knife, without too much hesitation. Furthermore, Morakniv knives are available in a variety of different colors, such as pink, orange, and light green. This, and also due to Morakniv’s savvy advertising strategy, Japanese women interested in outdoor activities have developed very amicable sentiments toward Morakniv. According to Mr. Homma, from October, UPI is scheduled to start selling a new Morakniv knife that mainly targets mountaineer and urban life styled people including women.


Kitchen knives – a different cut from Morakniv

Besides bushcraft knives, Morakniv also makes and sells kitchen knives. UPI started selling these in Japan from the spring of 2016 on their company’s website. “We would like to start wholesaling these to retailers, sometime in the near future. Ideally, in the long run, we would like to grow the kitchen knife arm of our business to roughly the same size as our bushcraft knife arm” states Mr. Homma. 

Hobby-specific knives, such as Morakniv’s Carving and Outdoor knives, are becoming more popular here in Japan. But, it is fair to say that these have not yet gained full “citizenship”. Through his company’s business, Mr. Homma will work toward further changing the way Japanese people perceive hobby-specific knives, such as Morakniv knives. 

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Uneplage International (UPI) as a new member of the SCCJ. You can find out more about UPI at: http://www.uneplage.net/ 








UPIがモーラナイフの輸入販売を開始したのは2013年だ。2012年まで、モーラナイフは日本国内において、「B-to-C」で4~5種類しか入手できない商品だった。UPIは、モーラナイフを「B-to-C」と「B to C」で多品種を取り扱い可能な商品として最初に販売した会社だ。














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