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Friday, 24 February 2017 00:00

Joint Knowledge Evening - Cybersecurity February 21st 2017: Photo Gallery

Joint Knowledge Evening - Cybersecurity: February 21st 2017


At the February 21st Knowledge Evening event, the focus was on how to identify possible dangers and discuss what companies, and individuals, can and should do to protect themselves from the hazards abd dangers of the Internet- both preemptively and in a damage control scenario. A panel of SNS experts, Mr. Keiron Cashell from SCCJ corporate member GplusMedia, and Keith Martin and Anti Tuomi from FCCJ corporate member F-Secure shared their experiences and lead the discussions.

Based on the intense interest at the Knowledge Evening, Keith Martin and Antti Tuomi has kindly put together a 10 Points Checklist for Safer Surfing on the Internet. Below is a the short version (The detailed version can be found on SCCJ Notice Board):


1.Strong Passwords. Set a strong and unique password for each of your accounts. 

2.Two-Factor Authentication. If you MUST reuse passwords, enable 2 factor authentication when available 


3.Get a New Identity. When giving security questions, use fake ones. 


4.Backup! Always backup your data. 


5.Be Suspicious. Always look at ANY Email asking you to log into something with caution. 


6.Protect yourself. Install an antivirus on your PC. 


7.Beware of Free WiFi. Fake open WiFi (WiFi where you don’t have to login to use it) hotspots are an easy way for hackers to grab your user names, passwords, etc. 


8.Stay Up-To-Date. Update your OS and software. 


9.Login Notifications. This feature will notify you by text or Email if your account has been logged into from an unfamiliar location. 


10.Set a PIN. You should of course always set up a PIN (even better, require your fingerprint) to unlock your phone. But you should go a step further and set up a PIN on your SIM card as well. 




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