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The supreme decision making body of the SCCJ is the Ordinary General Assembly which is held at least one time per year and can be attended by all members with voting right. The General Assembly nominates an Election Committee and elects a Board of Directors, a Board of Trustees and a Statutory Auditor or an Audit Committee.

The Board of Directors (BoD) consists of maximum nine and minimum seven members with voting right as the representative of a Corporate member or can be an Individual member. The maximum term of a Director is six continuous years and a Director can be reelected after an interval of four years.

The chamber has a full-time General Manager who is responsible for the daily tasks and the operation of the chamber. The General Manager is selected by the BoD and employed by the chamber.

The SCCJ has a Board of Trustees (BoT) consisting of senior Swedish and Japanese business professionals of good standing, jointly taking responsibility for the long-term development and stability of the chamber. Trustees are appointed for a period of five years by the General Assembly, and they may be reelected.

The Election Committee is the only committee made compulsory by the Articles of Association. Its main function is to propose candidates for the BoD and the BoT to the General Assembly.

A large part of the planning and operation of the SCCJ events and activities are carried out by different committees, e.g. the Programme Committee, Communications Committee, and Membership Committee, the HR Committee as well as temporary project teams and work groups. New groups and committees can be formed with new or changed needs and interests of the members.

The current SCCJ Articles of Association are provided to all members, and are available to download under the Members Only section.




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